Easily Accept In-store Appointments, including Click&Collect

Use Count3r's plug-in to let your customers book In-store Appointments directly from your website, including Click&Collect.

The highlighted features have been optimized for supporting the Corona-virus measures, for example by letting customers make appointments to avoid busy hours.

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✅ Easy to use

✅ Confirmations by e-mail

✅ Multi-lingual

✅ Your own website, appointment link and QR-sticker

✅ Click & Collect

✅ Privacy (GDPR-proof)

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Discover individual preferences

The Count3r Analytics plug-in anonomously follows your customers' journeys to discover their specific preferences, for products and services .

Book appointments


Book appointments

Count3r's plug-in directly integrates a appointment booker on your company's website.

Time slots


Spread customer visits

Use time slots to spread the amount of customer visits throughout the day and avoid peaks.

See appointments and the customer's preferences


See who's coming, including their preferences

The Count3r Conversion app shows all appointments, their status and the customers' preferences based on their online journey.

Track conversation outcomes

Save conversation outcomes

Know exactly why a customer accepted or rejected an offer. Follow up on specific conversation outcomes.



Engage employees by letting them compare performance and benchmark their results.


Advanced product catalog features

(1/3) Find products (2/3) Compare products (3/3) Filter products

Upselling and cross-selling made easy


Upselling and cross-selling made easy

Severe price competition has put strain on the business models of retailers. Nudging customers towards profitable shopping baskets through upselling, cross-selling, and bundling is vital to ensure business sustainability. That is why we put effort in making the sales of accessories, services, or higher margin products as easy and convenient as possible.


Real-time analytics and insights

Employees are a store’s greatest assets, but only if you empower them with the right information. Count3r combines all information on a tablet and enables sales associates to look up personal sales results, leaderboards and targets, stock information, and high priority products. Our dashboards also facilitate managers, with the right intelligence whenever or wherever needed.

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