Seamless customer experience

The customer is king. It is a familiar mantra in retail, but too many companies still muddle customers through disconnected online and offline customer journeys. Count3r transforms the way stores engage with customers, opening doors to seamless omnichannel experiences.

Omnichannel checkout without a queue

Why are customers still waiting in lines to be able to give their hard-earned money to retailers? Why are retailers still risking to unwillingly create and lose disgruntled customers?

It makes no sense. That is why Count3r facilitates anytime and anyplace omnichannel checkouts with every employee. Count3r tablets enable retailers to stop talking omnichannel and start doing it.

Choice reduction tool

The in-store webstore for endless aisles

The in-store webstore for endless aisles

Many retailers have physical stores, websites, and other channels in place, but lack the seamless integration to convincingly claim customer centricity. Count3r does just that: blending online and offline shopping. Count3r tablets assist in-store shoppers with buying out-of-stock products in the webstore, unlocking a huge online assortment, and helping newcomers gain confidence in digital shopping.

Build relationships with your customers

Most people introduce themselves when they say ‘hi’, retailers do it when they say ‘bye’. Stores ask customers for their loyalty card membership when they pay, missing opportunities to tailor customer journeys to individual needs much earlier in the process. Count3r can differentiate between first-time visitors or loyal superfans when customers walks in and build upon past purchases with tailored communications and product recommendations. Measure clientele satisfaction, build a relationship, and craft the best possible customer experience.

Reduce the choice overload

Unlimited choice is paralyzing. Consumers get confused by the overwhelming and ever growing amount of product information. They come to the store for service and reduction of uncertainty. Count3r’s proprietary choice reduction algorithm provides your staff with a powerful tool to help customers discover the perfect product in just three easy steps.

Physical retail without stores

Count3r challenges you to think beyond the brick-and-mortar store. Physical retail can be so much more. Count3r tablets enable you to sell wherever your customer is. Location is no longer a limitation. Expand your service by visiting homes of the elderly. Respond to trends and open one day pop-up stores. Use your imagination, go out there, and find your customers with Count3r.