Data-driven advice

Sales associates carry Count3r tablets with them during all interactions with customers. This unleashes new sorts of in-store data and insights that were unimaginable before. We assist stores in tracking and tweaking every detail of the customer journey. The data-driven offline store provides traditional retailers with a powerful answer to the booming online competition.

Collecting the richest retail data ever

Retailers often know little more than the number of people entering the store and what their customers bought. That is simply not enough in a digital and data-driven world.

Count3r bridges the gap and collects data on conversation details, observed products, customer preferences, sales staff performance, and much more. We help you to stop guessing and start knowing.

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Turning data into actionable insights

We understand that collecting data alone is not sufficient. That is why Count3r supports companies in translating the information into actionable insights. Our real-time dashboards give management the knowledge and confidence to successfully steer the company to new heights.

Why are your customers happy?

Most retailer do not know. They measure net promoter scores (NPS) or customer effort scores (CES) that leaves them with a general grade they cannot act upon. Count3r measures and combines both satisfaction metrics and the entire customer journey. We can tell you which employees make people smile or what journeys cause frowns. This is the most effective way to test if the low-hanging fruit is still sweet or has turned bad in the meantime.

Turn customer journeys into honeymoons

Customer journeys do not begin or end in your store, they are ongoing. Count3r integrates with loyalty programs and CRM systems to continuously keep in touch with customers, before, during or after their visit. This enables you to offer richer in-store experiences with prior purchase information, customer preferences, and personalized communications.

Unleash the power of the crowd

Every retailer has their rockstar sales associates. They are the few percent of staff that bring in the majority of the revenues. Count3r boosts the performance of all employees by crowd-sourcing knowledge. Let your biggest stars teach the tricks of the trade to the entire organization or have employees refine your product data infrastructure with Count3r. Unlock the cognitive power of your organisation and boost the return on your investment in employees.

Outsmart the competition

Retailers have historically invested relatively little in research and development (R&D). Nonetheless, these investments are of vital importance to stay ahead of the competition in a turbulent industry. A continuous focus on innovation might not be in the DNA of retailers, but it is in ours. Count3r facilitates advanced learning, like A/B testing, self-learning algorithms, and predictive applications. We help retailers become smarter every day.